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Who we are

Roxr is a small company founded in late 2006, and based in Portland, OR, USA. We are the creators of Clicky Web Analytics, a "Web 2.0" analytics tool that makes it easy and fun to discover how people are using your web site.

Clicky has spread by word of mouth and is generating great buzz. As of April 2010, Clicky is directly tracking more than 200,000 web sites, and an additional 500,000 through our partners and licensees.

Our partners allows anyone to create a free web site, but before they partnered with Clicky, their 17,000,000+ users had access to just a few very basic statistics on their traffic. Webs came to Roxr in need of a mature, full-featured analytics solution. Clicky is now an opt-in service for all of their new and existing members.

Performancing has licensed and rebranded Clicky as the new Performancing Metrics, also known as simply pMetrics.

BlogFlux offers a number of services to bloggers, but they don't have an analytics solution. They have licensed Clicky and will rebrand it as their own product, but this has yet to be released to the general public.